Transfers Procedures

All transfers must be processed through the Registrar.

The Bondholder, or authorized representative, must complete a Transfer Form PDF File. The Bondholder must sign the Bond exactly as it appears on the face of the Bond, with a Signature Guarantee stamp affixed by a Canadian chartered bank, trust company, as well as any credit union or caisses populaires satisfactory to the Registrar and the Province, or an investment dealer, satisfactory to the Registrar and the Province.

The Bond must be presented and surrendered to the Registrar, in person or by mail, upon completion of the Transfer Form PDF File (and such other documentation as may be reasonably required by the Registrar) for re-registration to the name of the new Registered Owner.

No transfers will be permitted on any Redemption Period, or during the 15 days immediately preceding.

Click here to download a Transfer Form PDF or call Computershare directly at 1-800-433-3596 to have one mailed to you.


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