Q. Can OSBs be sold?

Bondholders may also sell their Bonds to another individual. Once the terms of the transaction have been agreed upon, a Transfer Form PDF File must be completed. Please see Transfers for procedures on how to transfer a bond.

Q. Can an OSB be re-registered from one name to another?

Yes. An OSB is fully transferable. In order to do so, the Bondholder must complete a Transfer Form PDF File. If more than one holder, each holder must sign, have the signature(s) guaranteed and send or deliver the certificates to the Registrar.

A signature guarantee can be obtained from a Canadian chartered bank, trust company, credit union or caisse populaire satisfactory to the Registrar and the Province, or an investment dealer registered with a Canadian stock exchange, where the Bondholder has an account.

Q. If an OSB is transferred before an interest date, who receives the payment and who receives the T5?

For fully registered certificates, the Registrar pays the interest (for annual interest Bonds only) and provides the T5 slip to the Registered Holder, that is, the person in whose name the Bonds are registered on JUNE 6, as no transfers can take place from JUNE 6 until after the following interest payment. For book-based Bondholders, the interest payment and the T5 slip come directly from the Bondholder’s investment dealer. Interest on Compound Bonds is paid to the registered holder at the time of maturity or at redemption.

Q. Is there a transfer fee?

No. There is no charge for transferring Bonds within the normal 72-hour transfer process. However, if a transfer is required in less time, a rush fee will apply.


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