Q. What can be done with OSBs that have already matured?

Matured Bonds can be redeemed at any time after maturity. No interest is earned after the maturity date. The Bonds may be redeemed at banks, trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, and through investment dealers. For further details, please contact the Registrar directly.

Q. What are a Bondholder’s options for upcoming maturing Bonds?

Upcoming maturing Bonds can be redeemed at any time on or after the maturity date.

Q. What is the redemption window for redeeming Bonds?

Variable-Rate Bonds can be redeemed ANNUALLY ONLY on JUNE 21 until the maturity date. Step-Up Bonds can be redeemed on June 21 and December 21. ALL BONDHOLDERS HAVE AN ADDITIONAL 14 CALENDAR DAYS TO REDEEM THEIR BONDS FOLLOWING A REDEMPTION DATE. Fixed Rate Bonds can only be redeemed at maturity.



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